–All About The Stuff

Stuff… And lots of it. My panniers are cavernous, and I feel like I must fill all of them to capacity.

Here are some pictures of what I am planning on bringing with me. I may be stopping at the post office to mail some of it home during the first week!

This is what the bike looks like all loaded. There are four panniers, a trunk bag, a handlebar bag, and a seat bag for tools.

Up front I have two Ortlieb Classic panniers that are filled with all of this stuff:



I also carry an Ortlieb handlebar bag filled with all of this:


Under the seat I carry a To peak tool bag:


My heaviest bag is my left rear Ortlieb Roller pannier. It holds most of my clothes inside a cube packer. The bike clothes on one side, and street clothes on the other:


The right side rear Ortlieb Roller has most of my camping stuff inside it:


The rear rack carries the tent, tent liner, and a Coleman camping chair (unnecessary I know, but I like to suit up to read… And do this blog).

With all of this stuff, and water, the bike is approaching 100 pounds. Sounds like a lot…I wonder what I will send home first.


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